Useful Websites

Familiar -

Horton Grange already has subscriptions and children (depending on age) have logins for the following: - (14 day free trial) Practise spellings through games - Practice times tables through games and online competitions - Maths online games application of all areas and adapts to child’s ability - Some children have access to this to help reinforce phonic knowledge in relation to reading - KS2 children online reading platform - can access and select any material using:

username: Horton

password: Grange


Some teachers may set individual homework which children can access using individual password.


Downloadable packs - - free login UKTWINKLHELPS and downloadable packs for all year groups - free home learning packs can be downloaded - free home learning activities can be downloaded - free home learning packs can be downloaded free downloadable resources to use


Other useful websites - - 14 day free trial - an invaluable resource to support the EYFS curriculum - games to make reading fun - free online reading books and matching activities log in for a free trial - free resources for our younger children to access - can be used as a writing stimulus/Story Starter/Sentence Challenge/Sentence Building - home to 1000's of maths resources: Videos, Worksheets, 5-a-day, Revision Cards and much more. - learn about and revise all subjects from the National Curriculum - learn whilst being active!