Supporting Children's Social, Emotional and Mental Health-The Thrive Approach

The Thrive Approach is used in school to support the emotional development and mental health of our children. Through Thrive, we aim to grow the emotional foundations that help children and young people to flourish, understand their feelings and behaviours and ultimately be ready to learn. It forms the basis of our interactions with children, our behaviour policy and is integral to the strong relationships we form with our school community and beyond.

As well as being an approach we used throughout school, we run a full programme of interventions based on the individual social and emotional needs of the children and have a fully staffed, full time facility known as The Place where these targeted interventions take place. It is here where children are able to develop the skills and strategies needed to support their emotional development and tackle some of the challenges they face, both in school and the outside world. They can do this in the safe and supportive environment of The Place. It is accessed by many children at different times of their school life and is seen as a warm and friendly place where they feel supported and nurtured and learn the really valuable life skills we all need to survive and ‘thrive’ in the world.

Supporting Families-Family Thrive

June Hewes, our Parent Support, Guidance and Welfare Officer is trained in both Thrive and Family Thrive. She runs 6 week Family Thrive courses every term to support parents and give them the confidence and skills to use Thrive in the home to support their children. Please contact Mrs Hewes via the school office if you feel like this is something you could benefit from.