What is OPAL?

OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) is a leading organisation that we are working with over the next 2 years to permanently transform and improve the culture and play of children in Horton Grange. Together we aim to develop not only the grounds and facilities, but also the way we approach play, giving it the same emphasis we do to the other areas of the curriculum, and recognising the importance of its role in developing the Horton values and attributes we want our children to learn whilst they are here.



  Why OPAL?

The physical and mental health benefits of increasing activity and time in the outdoors are well known. Since beginning the project in September 2022 we have already seen children being able to play more cooperatively, be more adventurous by assessing their own risk, becoming more confident, increasing their resilience, developing strength and stamina and having less accidents! In turn this has impacted positively on learning time.