School Council

Who are we?

School Council members are elected by their class mates to represent their class.

Every fortnight the school council meet to discuss issues important to the pupils in Horton Grange. We take suggestions from our class about how to make a difference to our school and the wider community. We also organise events to raise money for charities supporting children in the UK and in the wider world.

What have we done this year?

County Hall

We visited Morpeth County Hall and spoke to the councillors there about the role they play in making decisions that affect the lives of people in Northumberland. This gave us a real insight into how our work fits with the larger world of politics. The visit was educational and enjoyable and we may even have some budding future politicians among us.

Anti-bullying week

We helped organise anti-bullying week which was a real success!

The focus for the week was to get everyone to understand:
• what bullying is
• the different types of bullying
• what to do if you, or someone you know, is getting bullied.

Year 5 and 6 performed some dramatic role-plays to help us understand this important issue.

Supporting children's charities

Children in Need

We all went spotty for a non-uniform day. Pudsey even found time to drop in for a visit!

We raised an amazing £311.69.

Big Yellow Friday - 1st March 2013

The school was a sea of yellow as we shed our uniforms for the day in support of the Children’s Liver Foundation.  

Sales of yellow iced biscuits helped us raise an incredible £421.76.


We had a visit from Lisa, who works for the NSPCC. She told us all about the work they do to help the many children who are less fortunate than ourselves and we decided that we wanted to help.

We decided to do a sponsored PE marathon (KS1) and times tables test (KS2) and received badges for the amount of sponsors we had.

We raised an outstanding amount for this worthwhile charity - £1,167.85.